WGU D336 - How to Pass the Business of IT Applications Final Exam (2024)

As this module aims to train you for facing the ITIL 4 Foundations Exam, you will be able to find a number of resources on the internet that will ensure your success by going through them. But the hard truth is, that most of these resources overpromise what they offer and leave you with only a fraction of the knowledge you require. Going through each and every study material to find the resources that are worth going through can be a tedious and time-consuming process. So we have done the hard work for you and conducted deep research into the ITIL 4 Foundations Exam and its resources to provide you with the ultimate study guide to ace the exam in your first attempt. So let us show you the path to navigate the course material with ease.

Step 1 – Learn the lesson outcomes

When you are about to learn a new module, it is always better to have an idea of the overview of the course content and what it offers. If you blindly start going through the course content, you will not be able to pace yourself through the material or retain the information you learn because you will be in the dark about what to expect next. So in the first step of our study guide, we will go through the lesson outcomes of this module and get an understanding of the course content we are about to dive into and what to expect in each lesson of the module. By following the below-given instructions, you will be able to find a document that will help you accomplish this task.

  • Go to the Student Portal of WGU > Log onto your profile > Go to the D336 module page > Click on the “Course Search” button > Find and open the link “ITIL v4 Foundation Workbook” > Open document “ITIL Exam Prep Workbook.docx”

Step 2 – Go through Dion’s Udemy course

Normally we would recommend going through the official textbook provided by WGU for the module to start your studies. However, in module D336, the textbook is not very favored by the students as it is very information-heavy and hard to read. So instead, we recommend you to go through Jason Dion’s Udemy course on ITIL 4 foundations to start your studies on the course material. This course is one of the most highly regarded courses among exam takers as it provides you with all the information you require to pass the exam in a well-coordinated manner. The course conductor does an amazing job of explaining the key concepts of each lesson and highlighting the information that you need to memorize. So complete this course to gain your basic understanding of the course content. You will be able to go through this course for Free by logging into your WGU Udemy profile. Once you log on, search “Introduction to Service Management with ITIL 4” to find the course. (Link)

When going through the course, use the study techniques that suit you the best to retain the information. We recommend you use short notes and flashcards to help you achieve this goal. You will be able to use these later on to refresh your memory on key concepts instead of combing through the Textbook.

Step 3 – Watch the ValueInsight’s training videos

Once you complete Jason Dion’s course, you will have a thorough understanding of the course material. But there still might be some concepts that you were not able to grasp or had a hard time understanding. So to clarify your knowledge we will go through a second study resource. This will not only help you solidify your knowledge in the module but also help you commit the information to memory. So for our second go through the study material, click on the below-provided link and go through each video in the YouTube playlist.

ValueInsight’s ITIL 4 Foundation – Free Exam Preparation eLearning Training – Link

Step 4 – Attempt practice questions

Now that you have gone through the course content twice, let us test the knowledge you have gained and see how much information you were able to retain. We have listed a number of practice quizzes below that you can use to evaluate your knowledge. Try to answer each question without referring to your notes. If you are not able to answer a question, use your short notes to refresh your memory on that topic at the end of the quiz. For the practice tests mentioned below, try to achieve a score of more than 85%. If you failed to achieve this score, refresh your memory as mentioned earlier and reattempt the test again and again until you achieve the score before moving to the next step.

  • Try the chapter-end quizzes in the Textbook provided by WGU
  • Complete the practice quizzes at the end of the Jason Dions ITIL Foundations training (Link)
  • Complete the 6 practice tests for ITIL Foundation by Jason Dion (Link)
  • Attempt the quizzes provided in the course search section of the module (Open the link “ITIL 4 Foundation Sample Paper Question Bank and Rationale” in the course search of module D336)

Step 5 – Make final preparations for the exam

As we are about to face the ITIL 4 Foundations Exam to pass this module, let us make our final preparations before attempting it. In this step, we highly recommend going through below mentioned document to quickly refresh your memory on the subject matter of D336.

Go to the Student Portal of WGU > Log onto your profile > Go to the D336 module page > Click on the “Course Search” button > Find and open the link “ITIL 4 – Foundation Cram Card”

This document provides short notes on the key concepts of each lesson in the module. So reading through this document will give you an added advantage when facing the final exam. Also, go through the short notes and flashcards you have prepared to revise the course content. Also, refer to the “External Resources” section of our article to find other resources that will help you in your study journey.

Step 6 – Sit for the final exam

At this step of the study guide, we assure you that you will be equipped with everything you require to ace the final exam. So without hesitation, visit the PeopleCert website and schedule your exam at your earliest convenience. Go through the “How to face the Final Exam” section of the article to know what you will be facing to better prepare yourself. Finally, go through the below checklist.

  • Make sure you have stable internet connectivity
  • Assure your webcam and your mic is fully functional
  • Read through the proctoring guidelines to know the Do’s and Don’t’s during the exam
  • Keep your tabletop clean, and remove any notebook that is near you
  • Be confident and have faith in your knowledge

Then give the exam everything you’ve got!!

WGU D336 - How to Pass the Business of IT Applications Final Exam (2024)


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