Mosquito Control – Village Green Lawn & Plant Health (2024)

Mosquito Control – Village Green Lawn & Plant Health (1)

The Experts in Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control plans go beyond typical residential or municipal efforts. We use professional-grade products and formulations designed for maximum effectiveness against mosquitoes while being safe for people and pets. Our team receives comprehensive training directly from industry experts to ensure proper application techniques and dosages are used.

Our products are among the most advanced and sophisticated mosquito control solutions available. They leverage the latest scientific research and technology to target mosquitoes in their various life stages. From larvicides to adulticides, we select each product for its proven ability to drastically reduce mosquito populations.

In addition to using premium products, our application methods set us apart. We do not just spray a perimeter—our technicians are trained in vegetation mapping, mosquito-harboring site identification, and precision application. This targeted approach focuses on treating exactly the areas where mosquitoes breed and congregate for unparalleled reduction.

The result is a mosquito control program that outperforms do-it-yourself efforts or basic contracted services. You can expect a significant reduction in biting mosquito populations when utilizing our professional mosquito control plans and experienced technicians. We stake our reputation on providing the best results possible.


Our Plans



  • 8-visits between March - October.
  • Customized mosquito control applications specifically designed for your lawn.
  • Protection includes fogging, drainpipe flush, and water source treatments.



To get exact pricing for your lawn give us a call or fill out our no-obligation price request form today.

Mosquito Control + In2Care


  • 8-visits between March - October.
  • Customized mosquito control applications specifically designed for your lawn.
  • Protection includes fogging, drainpipe flush, and water source treatments.
  • Installation of In2Care mosquito stations for additional protection.


To get exact pricing for your lawn give us a call or fill out our no-obligation price request form today.

Lawn Health Plans

With over 40 years of experience in North Texas and hundreds of satisfied customers, we know Village Green would dramatically improve the health of your lawn. We offer three plans.


Mosquito Control – Village Green Lawn & Plant Health (2)

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about how we can protect your home from mosquitos, read on to get the answers to frequently asked questions or contact us directly for more information.

We come 8 times between March – October. Each visit includes fogging, drainpipe flush, and water source treatments.

Each visit includes:
⦁Fogging to kill resting mosquitoes
⦁Drain treatment to eliminate mosquito larvae
⦁Mosquito monitoring and targeted treatment

Fogging Process:
We use backpack foggers with high-quality mosquito control products. The fog instantly kills resting mosquitoes and contains time-release microcapsules. These microscopic capsules gradually release the product over time, ensuring continuous mosquito control for up to a month. The product adheres to plants, killing mosquitoes that land on treated areas and preventing mosquito larvae from reaching maturity.

Targeted Application:
Daytime mosquitoes rest in shaded areas like shrubs, ornamental trees, and low eaves. We fog these areas, applying the product to the top and bottom of leaves using a proven circular motion technique. Our product includes a pyrethroid for quick but long-lasting control along with a growth regulator that prevents mosquito larvae from reaching maturity, providing an additional layer of control.

Drain Treatment:
We apply a specialized water treatment to drainage systems, a prime mosquito breeding ground. This treatment flushes pipes and catch basins, killing mosquito larvae while remaining safe for other organisms.

Mosquito Monitoring:
Our technicians inspect your property for potential breeding sites like bird baths, potted plant saucers, and other water collection points. We treat these areas with a safe and effective product to eliminate mosquito larvae.

ur Mosquito+In2Care plan includes an additional level of control with the addition of mosquito stations. The stations are placed in shaded areas where mosquitoes like to land. The female mosquito is attracted to the station. When she flies away, the biocide prevents her from biting and as she lands in other water sources, she contaminates those sources and kills the larvae in those sources too. Within a few days the female mosquito dies. The In2Care mosquito taps are also eco-friendly. The larvicide growth regulator is approved for use in human drinking water by the World Health Organization.

No. You do not need to be home if we have access to your lawn. If you request, we can send a visit reminder via automated text or email the day before which lets you know we will be out the following day.

We guarantee great control results, but there are limits. Village Green has been doing lawn health in North Dallas for 40-plus years, and we learned long ago to give up on promising complete control over weeds (or mosquitoes!) We can promise great control that will make you a satisfied customer. We will deliver on our promise to reduce mosquitoes but would never promise something that is not realistic (like complete elimination of all mosquitoes.)

No. We do not believe in contracts for our programs. We allow our customers to stop at any time. Another reason we do not hold customers to a contract is because we are confident with our expertise in this area that we will deliver the results you want.

Enhance Your Plano, TX Home with Our Landscaping Services.

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Mosquito Control – Village Green Lawn & Plant Health (3)

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Lawn Health Plans

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How our program works.



Why Our Customers Love Us!

Tony K.

Plano, TX

“Village Green Lawn & Landscape are the people to see if you want your lawn, landscape or sprinkler system to be in top shape. They are prompt, do good work and are very reasonable with their pricing. Also, they work diligently to take care of your mosquito problem. You will not go wrong by calling Ken at Village Green.”

Sarah P.

Plano, TX

“These guys are the single best landscaping company in Plano. Maybe the entire state. They have awesome experience with native plants, trees, and grass and have done beautiful landscaping work at our house on three occasions. Thanks Village Green!”

Bill F.

Plano, TX

“I have used Village Green for several lawn care related tasks and have found their folks are very knowledgeable and do very professional work. The prices are very competitive too. I highly recommend Village Green.”

Jen B.

Plano, TX

“Love the look of our lawn since we began using this company. I never have to think twice about what the lawn needs or even mosquitos. The Village Green team is always courteous and professional.”

Mosquito Control – Village Green Lawn & Plant Health (2024)


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