Greek Christmas Recipes (2024)

Want to make your holiday dinner tasty and unique? This collection of authentic and amazing Greek Christmas recipes is the perfect solution!

Greek Christmas Recipes (1)

Greek Christmas Recipes (2)

I grew up eating most of these recipes with my family at the holidays. They make me super nostalgic and I have loved recreating them with vegan ingredients. I'd say they are even tastier now!

Being first generation Greek, our holidays represented very non traditional foods. I didn't know anything different and grew to love all of the favorites my mom and dad loved as a child!

What do they eat for Christmas in Greece?

Growing up, my mom ate traditional things for Christmas. Most of which she passed on when she came here. The main dish is usually turkey or pork. But my mom sometimes made other things like moussaka (which I created a vegan moussaka from and it's incredible) as our main.

Sides included things like roasted potatoes, spanakopita (which I also have a vegan spanakopita that is incredible), rice stuffing (although you don't stuff it in anything), Greek salad and various vegetables.

And of course there is dessert. Traditional Greek Christmas cookies are melomakarona and kourabiedes, and there is also baklava that is a filo based pastry.

How do you say Merry Christmas in Greek Orthodox?

Merry Christmas in Greek is Kala Christougena. The translation means "good Christmas." The "ch" has a soft sound almost like an "h" and the "g" has a sound almost like a "y."

What traditions does Greece have for Christmas?

One of the biggest traditions in Greece is going to church. Growing up, I loved Christmas eve service. The singing and how festive it looked always made me happy!

Now, they do exchange presents like we do in America for Christmas, however back when my parents were growing up, they had Christmas trees and presents for the new year. That is when St. Nicholas came.

My mom grew up very poor, so hey had neither a tree or presents. Gifts were focused more on what they needed like clothes and shoes. They also did not have a tree.

My dad grew up in the city and was able to have the traditions of most. They also put their shoes outside so that St. Nicholas would fill them with treats.


Here are a few traditional appetizers we may have out at Christmas. My mom often also puts out feta cheese and Greek olives.

Secret Ingredient Greek Hummus

Alight and airywhipped consistency with hints of lemon and Kalamata olives. Thisflavorful Greek hummus is the perfect appetizer or snack!

Greek Christmas Recipes (3)

Yellow Split Pea Dip (Greek Fava)

witch up your hummus routine with thisprotein filled yellow split pea dip. It’s called “Fava” in Greek, and the perfect way to get your healthy snack on!

Greek Christmas Recipes (4)


Here are some different Greek side dishes we like to include along with a greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion whenever we get together for holidays.

Peas with Scallions and Dill

5 ingredients toyour next favorite side dish!Whether it’s the holidays, or a weekly meal, this simple yet flavorful recipe is the perfect addition! Side note: it goes AMAZING mixed with pasta.

Greek Christmas Recipes (5)

Traditional Greek Rice Stuffing

I grew up eating this rice stuffing every Christmas and it was always one of my favorite dishes. I turned it into a vegan version and love that I can continue to share it with my family every year!

Greek Christmas Recipes (6)

World's Best Greek Vegan Spanakopita

This authentic Greek recipe has gotten a makeover and isbetter than ever. Thisvegan spanakopitais hands down the absolutebest you’ve ever had!

Greek Christmas Recipes (7)

Main Course

The main course can change year after year. While traditionally, turkey or pork is what is eaten for Christmas, since we don't eat either, I like to mix up what I serve as a main course.

Greek Vegan Moussaka

Greek vegan moussaka is the perfect main dish to replace that boring old turkey!Creamy, satisfying and delicious. And, it’s based on my Greek mothers authentic recipe,this isthe real deal people.

Greek Christmas Recipes (8)

Vegan Yemista (Greek Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers)

Taking tradition to the next level with thesevegan Greek stuffed tomatoes and peppers. These Yemista are a healthy satisfying meal that screams the flavors of Greece!

Greek Christmas Recipes (9)

Vegan Greek Pastit*io

Greek comfort food meets plant-based in this vegan Greek pastit*io. All the flavor of the traditional version but with a healthy twist!

Greek Christmas Recipes (10)


And of course you need a good Greek dessert to top off the meal! These recipes are ones we make year after year and are always on our holiday table.

Melomakarona Recipe (Greek Christmas Cookies)

A melomakarona recipe perfect for the holiday season. You'd never know these Greek Christmas cookies are gluten-free and vegan!

Greek Christmas Recipes (11)

Greek Vegan Baklava

You may have had baklava before, but never like this. My mom’s family recipe, perfected over years of work, is out of this world incredible! And this vegan baklava has a never before seen oil-free option!

Greek Christmas Recipes (12)


A Greek butter cookie that's vegan, gluten-free and with a healthier butter free option. Both Kourabiedes recipes are incredible and Greek dad approved!

Greek Christmas Recipes (13)

Greek Christmas Recipes (14)

Greek Christmas Recipes (2024)


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