35 Heart Drawing Ideas (2024)

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I just love drawing hearts. They’re cute, pretty, and super easy to draw—especially with a little bit of practice. These heart drawing ideas are great for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to add some unique hearts to your drawings and crafts.

Some of these hearts are simple line doodles and easy designs, but I also have some inspiration here for more complicated drawings. Hopefully these ideas will give you plenty of heart ideas for your next drawing!

Before you get started drawing hearts make sure you have basic supplies on hand. That includes paper, a pencil, an eraser, and a marker or pen for inking. Most of these drawings work best if you sketch first in pencil, then go over it again in ink.

You could also color your art when you’re done! If you want to add color, keep those supplies on hand too.

Finally, try not to worry about your hearts being perfect. Symmetry comes with practice, but slightly uneven hearts add to the charm of these heart drawing ideas!

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (1)

Rainbow With Hearts on the Ends

An adorable twist on a traditional rainbow! I think this line drawing would be even cuter if you colored it in after you’re done.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (2)

Realistic Human Heart With Flowers

Human hearts can be tricky to draw but this is an easy way to get the effect without having to stress about the details. After you draw the basic human heart shape, add flowers coming out of the arteries. Then add the roots inside like veins. So easy!

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (3)

Simple Line Drawing With Paw Print

You can change this paw print to reflect your favorite animal! If you’re trying to get better at doodling you can practice by adding different drawings inside your heart.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (4)

Heart Music Notes

For the first one, draw the treble clef symbol (this tutorial can help) then add half your heart coming out from it and connect it at the bottom. For the other music note start by drawing a heart, then add the stem coming out. Once you’ve got the hang of the basic drawing try changing it up to create different notes. You could even put them on a staff to draw a song!

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (5)

Heart With Flower and Date

This would be a cute drawing idea for a Valentine’s Day card or to mark a special romantic date in your journal.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (6)

Scene Drawing Inside a Heart

I drew a campsite scene but you could put anything inside your heart! This is such a cute doodle idea and would be adorable on crafts and ornaments too.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (7)

Little Truck for Valentine’s Day

This cute little truck carries anything—including hearts for Valentine’s Day! Once you master the classic truck you can easily change out what it’s carrying for any holiday.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (8)

Love Dove

Another simple love drawing idea, this dove simply says “love” inside. Notice how I drew the olive branch so the leaves look like little hearts?

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (9)

Cloud Raining Hearts

The best kind of rainstorm! For extra detail add some lines to make the “rain” look like its falling.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (10)

Pretty Tree of Hearts

This one is so easy to draw and looks pretty as a doodle or on a card. First draw the spiral tree shape in pencil, then add the hearts overtop. Once you’re happy with it, go over your lines with ink (I find it easier to do the hearts first) and erase the pencil lines.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (11)


Here’s an idea: draw a cute heart inside a lightbulb! You could also add this to other drawings; maybe one of your characters had a romantic thought?

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (12)

Coffee Mug With Heart on it

This drawing idea is way too cute and can easily be incorporated into other artwork too. Try changing it up by adding some marshmallows for hot cocoa or a tea bag hanging from the side.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (13)

Always Love You Heart Drawing

A cute romantic line drawing for Valentine’s Day or just because! You might find it easier to draw the circle in pencil first as a guide.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (14)

Cherry Hearts

Cherries are easy to draw and look cute on everything. Especially if you change them into hearts!

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (15)

Cute Bear Heart Drawing

Instead of drawing a teddy bear holding a heart try putting your bear inside the heart! The top parts of the heart become the bear’s ears. Then all you have to do is add the face and details.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (16)

“LOVE” Balloon Letters

First, write “love” in bubble letters but replace the o with a heart. To make them look more like balloons, add a bit of “shine” onto them. You could do this for all the letters but I like the way it looks alternating with a stitched style. Use this technique to write any balloon messages you want!

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (17)

Ice Cream Cone

Stack the ice cream as tall as you want then top it off with a heart. This drawing would look especially cheerful colored in.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (18)

Happy Valentine’s Day Heart Drawing

Mastering this drawing idea is handy if you want to add beautiful details to Valentine’s Day messages, cards, or your planner. Thankfully it’s simple to draw! First I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” in a calligraphy style, then added the heart around it.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (19)

Love Jar

Love is pouring out of this simple drawing!

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (20)

Checkerboard Heart

This black and white checkerboard style is totally in right now and works great on a heart. Tip: start your squares by drawing a line in the center of the heart (matched with the upper and lower points) so the design looks symmetrical even if your heart isn’t.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (21)

Cute Heart Drawing

I’m a big fan of kawaii artwork so I couldn’t resist drawing this cute heart! It’s so simple, just draw a heart (and size or shape) then add eyes, a mouth, and circles for the cheeks.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (22)

Puzzle Heart

It looks simple but this one can be a bit tricky to get right. Like with the checkerboard, use the middle of the heart as a guide to get your puzzle pieces straight and even.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (23)

Cute Love Cactus

This cactus is so easy to draw. Once you’re good with this one try creating other succulents with hearts.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (24)

Evil Eye Heart

If you’re not familiar with it the evil eye symbol isn’t actually evil; it protects the wearer from bad luck. Add it to a heart for an extra “love” element to your protection or just as a cute way to draw this traditional talisman for Valentine’s Day.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (25)

Speech Bubble

Another simple idea, a simple “I heart you” in a speech bubble is a fun way to write a romantic message.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (26)

Heart With Wings

We can’t have heart drawing ideas without the classic heart with wings! The trick to making this simple drawing look great is to make sure the wings are fairly long.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (27)

Heart Padlock

Who has the key to your heart? You could add a key next to this heart padlock or use it in your Valentine’s Day drawings.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (28)

Flowers and Heart

There are so many pretty ways to incorporate flowers into heart drawings but this is an easy way to add them to your line drawing. You might find it easier to draw the V shape for the stems first, then add the petals on, and finally the rest of the heart. Try drawing different flowers by changing out the petal style!

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (29)

Broken Heart With Bandage

It’s tough to mend a broken heart but at least this one’s been bandaged up. I like this twist on the cracked or broken heart drawings you see. Don’t forget to add a little heart and dots on the bandage for extra detail.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (30)

Easy Heart Drawing With Plane

There’s so many places you could use this plane inside a heart drawing. If someone you love is far away add it to a card or letter for a personal touch. Or use it to mark travel dates in your calendar! The plane can easily be swapped with other drawings too so get creative.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (31)

Cool Heart Space Drawing

This trio of hearts looks like a planet, especially when you add some rings around it. I also added some stars and dots (faraway stars or planets) so it looked even more like it was in outer space.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (32)

Starburst Heart

I love how pretty this simple line drawing turns out! First start with a small heart, then draw the four longer points coming from the top, bottom, and two sides. When you fill in the rest of the lines make sure they’re shorter than your starting four, but still staggered in length to give it that classic starburst effect.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (33)

Heart Envelope

An adorable doodle idea for spreading love! It would also look cute on the outside envelope of a Valentine’s Day card.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (34)

Simple Heart Line Drawing

I like this heart drawing idea because it’s a little bit different—it’s done with one continuous line that loops back on itself. You might have to practice a bit to get it right but once you have it down this heart is so much fun to draw all over the place.

35 Heart Drawing Ideas (35)

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35 Heart Drawing Ideas (2024)


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